Location of our Home

Our place is situated right by Poland’s longest Lake, In the heart of the Nature Park Iława.

Our village is called Matyty and has about 50 citizens. It is on a peninsula between lake Jeziorak and the Shallow Lake.

Lake Jeziorak with a length of 30 km is the longest lake in Poland with a multitude of lovely bays and charming islands. One of the bays connects it to the Elbląg canal. The canal provides through Ostróda, Miłomłyn, Małdyty and Elbląg all the way to the Baltic Sea.
The Elbląg Canal is a technical monument and the artificial hills where ships are hauled on rails overland are the only still functioning installation of this kind worldwide. Small steamships with tourists travel the old waterway between banks overgrown by trees, beautiful lakes and wetlands full of rare species of birds.

Near us there are many attractions for friends of nature as well as those interested in history:

  • Crusader castle at Malbork – 55 (km)
  • Castle of Szymbark – 25 (km)
  • Tower of crusader castle at Przezmark – 15 (km)
  • Palace ruins in Kamieniec – 12 (km)
  • Palace at Jaśkowo – 19 (km)
  • Educational trail at Siemiany – 12 (km)
  • Church of Dobrzyki – 3 (km)
  • Church of Zalewo – 10 (km)
  • Church of Boreczno – 10 (km)

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