About us and our home

Our house is over a hundred years old. At the beginning, it was a village school building. Before 1945 it housed a German school, after the war it became a Polish one. There was a barn behind the school. The teacher and the janitor were living in the school building together with their families. There was a cow grazing by the school and pupils could get milk there.

In the sixties, a community school was built and the village school in Matyty was closed down.

In the following years, the building served as a sailing school for youngsters in which courses were organized by Gdańsk Northern Shipyard. Even today, former trainees still visit us, sometimes with their children or even grandchildren.

When the communist system collapsed, the shipyard started lacking funds for social purposes.
With its new owner, the school took on a new role of a boardinghouse. The barn was turned into the bar.

A few years later the place changed the owner again. It was taken over by Bruno Abraham, a former village school student whose parents kept an inn in the village before the war. In 1945, the family was relocated to Germany by force and started their life anew near Hamburg. After retirement, Bruno wished to return to his roots. He bought the building and opened a guesthouse called “Seehof” (Lake Inn). Feeling there as safe and happy as during his childhood, he called the place his home. Bruno died in 2001.

In April 2002, I moved into the old schoolhouse. I decided to run a place for countryside  vacations. I called it “Przystań!”, the Polish word for harbour also meaning an imperative to pause, to stay a while because it is right by the water and I simply wanted to make it worthwhile to stay here.

In 2004 on a boat called “Losu Dar” (The Gift of Fate) a sailor came by and stayed here for longer.

We have two kids, one dog, a cat, twenty horses and over twenty hectares of beautiful landscape.

For our guests, we offer a renewed building interior with cosy rooms and the climate of a place where the time has stopped.
Dorota, Jacek, Joasia, Staś Sawczyńscy

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